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Project Overview

Project Overview

A playground for new brand
experiences beyond just a shopping
site and storytelling.

A unique experience.

Hinge Chiropractic is your solution to all of the back aches and pains you constantly experience. They offer treatments for problems such as disc herniation, sciatica, sports injuries and general stiffness amongst others.

Western Web Studios created the application for Hinge Chiropractic, allowing clients to easily avail their services and make appointments straight from their phones. We also handled the branding for Hinge Chiropractic to add value to their brand and help them gain recognition.

Hinge Chiropractic

Branding Summary

Hinge Chiropractic is changing the way we think about our health. Their services stimulates healthy muscles and improves muscle performance. The stimulation also improves local blood circulation through high quality chiropractic adjustments.

website design

Hinge Chiropractic

Website Design

Hinge Chiropractic

Mobile Responsive

Hinge Chiropractic

Social Media

Hinge’s social media is an excellent example of how their services are helpful for the clients and which service can be the cure for their problems while also outlining the advantages their services offer.

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